What is Adjusting to Adulthood all about?

The Adjusting to Adulthood blog is a Blog dedicated to twenty something readers who are figuring out how to "Adult" one day at a time. The blog was created as a creative outlet where I share my personal stories, tips & tricks, and life adventures as I, myself, venture through my twenties. My goal is to connect with other young adults who are also just trying to navigate their way through adulthood, and to share my experiences in hopes of helping others who can relate!  

What started as a hobby blog dedicated to tips & tricks on adulting, really turned into a passion for helping others become their best selves. Adjusting to Adulthood has exceeded my expectations and showed me where my true passion lies. Most of my posts are centered around self-development and personal growth. I am doing my best to help others live their best life through positivity and inspiration. I am on a journey of self-development and I am sharing my knowledge as I go. I hope you enjoy!  

More About Kendra

- I am 28 years old and currently live in Calgary, Alberta

- I have a background in Human Resources

- I am a new mom to my sweet daughter, Mia 

- I am also a fur mom to my crazy lunatic Frenchie, Cash

- I started my own self improvement journey after ending a 4 year long relationship and realizing my life could be so much better. 

- The real love of my life is chocolate covered almonds.

- I have an amazing partner who is supportive in everything I do.

- I love the ocean and the outdoors. 

- I am a total introvert, but am working hard to get out of my warm and cozy comfort zone. 

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