Everything You Need to Thrive in 2018

Maybe this sounds familiar....

You're Ready to Work Towards Your Best Life. You just need a plan & some motivation to get started.

You want to learn more about yourself & your passions. You would benefit from learning about self-reflection & completing worksheets that assist you in learning more about YOU and what makes you tick. 

You are ready to try new things, gain confidence & get out of our comfort zone. You just need a little help to get there.

You have set the same or similar goal monthly. But you never actually achieve it. 

You are READY for a change. You want to grow. You want 2018 to actually be your year. At the end of 2018 you want to feel proud for all that you achieved and accomplished.

If you found yourself agreeing with a few (or all) of those statments, you are in the right spot!

So, heres the thing.. nothing changes if nothing changes. So, if you really want to achieve your goals, create new habits, and become your very best self...then you need to do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.

I want you to imagine....

Actually achieving your goals. Learning how to set realistic and attainable goals, and creating a solid plan to actually achieve them.

Having a self-improvement plan laid out for you monthly. Your personal growth has never been so easy. Imagine everything being completely laid out month by month for easy to follow guidance.

Staying Motivated! Imagine having a personal growth plan that keeps you on track and motivated month by month.

Ending 2018 feeling proud of everything you achieved. What a great feeling ending the year PROUD of yourself would be. Imagine ending the year thinking: WOW, how can I top this year?

Stepping out of your comfort zone & trying new things. The best way to grow is to try new things & get out of your comfort zone. Imagine having the motivation and support to help you do that!

Developing new habits that will help you live a better life. What if you learned how to develop new habits monthly? What if you were given a easy process for doing so?

Learning about yourself & what makes you AWESOME! Imagine having the guidance to dig deep within yourself and learning what makes you tick, what your good at, and what your strengths are, so you can be the very best YOU!

Let me introduce you to the 2018 Thrive Guide!

I am now sharing all of the strategies I have personally used on my own Personal Growth Journey. These are the exact tools and strategies I used to drastically improve my life, get out of my comfort zone, and finally get over my constant self-doubt. The best part is, I compiled them all into an easy to follow, interactive guide which is broken down over 6 months!

Let me tell you about my own personal growth journey...

I realized I was ready for a change 5 years ago. I had just (finally) ended a not so great relationship. The relationship lacked respect. What I mean by that is my partner had no respect for me, and looking back, I obviously had no respect for myself. After ending that relationship, I felt a total shift. I knew I needed a BIG change in my life, and that I was ready to be a better version of myself. I started by reflecting on my life and also started to reflect on what I deserved. I began to learn more and more about myself & what I enjoyed, what my strengths were, and ultimately what I wanted out of life. I finally learned to respect myself and in doing so, my confidence grew, as did my thirst for trying new things. It was around that point that I started Adjusting to Adulthood and discovered my passion for helping others on their own self improvement journey. 

That is how I ended up creating the Thrive Guide. I wanted to share ALL of my secrets and tools that I used to get to the wonderful place I am at today. That is a place of self-confidence, gratitude, and continous growth. And, while self improvement is a continuous journey, I felt I could share what I have learned up to this point in my own personal journey.

So, what's included in the Thrive Guide?

Need More Details? No Problem.

So What is included in the Thrive Guide PDF you ask? Well, the guide is broken down into 6 months of self improvement topics. Each month focuses on a different topic, which is laid out for you in a step-by-step fashion. There are also monthly goals and 30 day challenges. Every month there is a monthly self reflection to reflect on what you enjoyed about that month, the topic, where you made improvements, areas that can still use some improvement, etc. 

You will also receive the Thrive workbook which includes interactive worksheets to help you set goals, learn more about yourself, develop new habits, and to help you figure out your areas of improvement.

If you still want more information, let me break down the months for you:

Want More? You Got it Friend. Let's talk Bonuses.

When you purchase the 2018 Thrive Guide not only do you get the 100 Page Guide, an awesome workbook filled with actionable worksheets, but you will also get these bonuses FOR FREE....

So, the way I see it is you have two options...

You can keep doing what you have been doing for the past few years and MAYBE accomplish your goals & resolutions... 


You can use my proven strategies, which are easily laid out and easy to follow, and get the results you want this year, finally accomplish your goals, and develop awesome new habits for a better life overall!

Think about where you want to be at the end of 2018. Do you REALLY have a plan on how to get there??

You can use the step by step process I have created with the Thrive Guide to make 2018 your very best year yet! It really is that easy! It is time for you to invest in yourself!!!

So.. which option will you choose? 

Now, who is the face behind the 2018 Thrive Guide?

Creator: Kendra Tarr

Hi, I'm Kendra! I am the Creator of the Inspirational Blog Adjusting to Adulthood. A blog dedicated to self-development and personal growth in your twenties.  

I started my own personal growth journey when I decided to let go of the certain things in my life that were holding me back, and keeping me stuck in a negative lifestyle. I realized I was not reaching my full potential and defiently not living my best life. I eventually had enough of the person I had become, and decided to make some drastic changes in my life. While pursuing my HR Diploma, I developed a passion for learning & development, more specifically, creating and delivering training courses. I loved inspiring others to chase their dreams and to pursue a life of personal growth and constant improvement, and I knew that was something I wanted to pursue.  

While I love blogging and inspiring my readers via blog posts, I decided to begin creating other resources that can inspire and help people grow and become their best possible selves. I decided to create the Thrive Guide so that I can share my own knowledge and experience in hopes of helping others.  

I am happy to be able to help you on your journey to self improvement and personal growth, and I hope that you come out a more confident and inspired person.


If you want 2018 to be a year of personal growth, developing new habits, and learning to live your best life, the 2018 Thrive Guide is exactly what you need! 

What are you waiting for?